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Adguard Premium MOD APK which is a content blocker is an Android app that will be able to remove or block ads on both websites and apps. Also, it doesn’t require any kind of root permission to block ads from websites or apps. Adguard Software Limited developed the app.

It is a complete app for blocking ads as it consists of not only ad-blocking features but also provides a lot of additional tools that will assist you as a safe guardian for your android device by protecting your privacy and ensuring security in terms of using the untrusted or unknown websites.

The latest Adguard Premium application is considered the most reliable and trusted ad blocker of all content blocker apps. The most prominent feature of this app is that you can control and customize all the features available in it. Also, you will be aided to get rid of the online data tracking so that you can have the best surfing experience in terms of getting an ad-free environment.

Adguard Premium MOD App Features

  • Most of the time, when you use any website or app, it will drain your device’s battery as the website shows advertisements. It helps to reduce the use of battery life of your device by blocking the advertisements and also, saves your time
  • It has block ads options that will assist you to eliminate all the ads from your browsing websites. In addition, it will ensure your security by blocking malicious ads and malware without any rooting permission
  • Users are allowed to control the filtering process to create their own customized rule to block or remove ads from websites and apps
  • Provides a whitelist option where you can list down your favorite and trustworthy websites to enter those sites anytime you want, and you also don’t have to turn off the Adguard app every time you are entering into your listed websites
  • There is an app management section too which shows you the app processes, performance, blocked ad counts, and saved data

Adguard Premium latest version is the subscription service that gives the above premium features to its users. Though the general version is free of cost and available in the play store, you will have to buy a subscription account to get the premium features.

Despite that, you have the option not to buy a subscription account but get the premium version of this content blocker. You have to download Adguard Premium version from this website, and you will be able to enjoy the best surfing experience without any interruption occurred by advertisements.

So, click on the download button given below and enjoy surfing the world of websites.

How to Download Adguard Premium

  1. Before clicking on the download button given on this website, you have to uninstall any previous version of this app if you have it on Android and allow the unknown source option in the settings.
  2. Now, you have to click on the download button from the above or below to download Adguard Premium APK now. As you have finished downloading it, you need to locate the file on your device and click the install button.
  3. After completing the installation, you can run the app and you will have to select the setups.
  4. As you start the setup process, you have to go through the process. You first need to enable the search ads option and then click on the block button to block the option.
  5. Next, you get a privacy setting where you have to select the protection level according to your preference and if you want to get a notification about suspicious or virus-affected sites, you can enable the notification or warning option.
  6. After that, you must be enabled the HTTPs filtering since it will provide you with the best ad-blocking quality.
  7. Your last task is to enable the local VPN option and you are ready to use the best ad-blocking app.


Q: What's the difference between AdGuard and AdGuard pro?
A: Adguard is free. It blocks ads for safari content & Adguard will block all kind 
Of ads. Although it is not a free version you can use it free by downloading here. 
Q: Does AdGuard protect from hackers?
A: Yes, it protects from malicious viruses. 
Q: Does Adguard block All Ads? 
A: It is the most fastest and lightweight ads blocker that can block all types of ads.  


Nowadays, advertisements are everywhere on websites and even on apps.

Whenever you are browsing a website, there will always be pop-up ads. It is quite irritating and frustrating for anyone to be interrupted during work. To get rid of these issues, Adguard Premium MOD APK is the best app for android devices. It has gained huge popularity among its users because of its best service.

Every android user must have this premium app on their device without any hesitation whereas it is completely free on this website. So, don’t waste your time. Just click on the download button and get the best ad-blocking service.




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